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The Sinus Center

The Sinus Center

The Sinus Center at ExcelENT of Alabama provides both medical and surgical treatment for acute and chronic sinusitis and other disorders of the nose. For more information on sinus conditions, schedule an appointment with ExcelENT of Alabama.

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Is It Allergies, a Cold or Sinusitis?

Your nose is congested and it’s hard to breathe. Thick mucus irritates the back of your throat. Your face, head and even your teeth hurt from the pressure. You’re losing your sense of smell and taste. You’re incredibly tired and irritable.

You think that it must be yet another cold or allergy attack again this year, but perhaps it’s a sinus infection (sinusitis). If so, you should seek treatment from our Birmingham ENTs.

Symptoms of Sinusitis vs. Allergy or Cold

Sign / Symptom Sinusitis Allergy Cold
Facial/Pressure/Pain Yes Sometimes Sometimes
Duration of Illness Over 10-14 days Varies Under 10 days
Nasal Discharge Whitish or colored Clear, thin, watery Thick, whitish, or thin
Fever Sometimes No Sometimes
Headache Often Sometimes Sometimes
Pain in Upper Teeth Sometimes No No
Bad Breath Sometimes No No
Coughing Sometimes Sometimes Yes
Nasal Congestion Yes Sometimes Yes
Sneezing No Sometimes Yes